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"a small and rather dilapidated fortress built of undressed native stone."
―Cazaril's first sight of Zavar[src]

Zavar was a fortress in Chalion near the border with Ibra. It was located on a rocky spur surrounded by a pine forest. Zavar was the site of an ambush set up by Ser dy Joal, Martou dy Jironal's stirrup-man, to try to kill Cazaril or at least stop his mission to negotiate Iselle and Bergon's marriage. Before Cazarils's party arrived, dy Joal's hired bandits had captured the fortress, raping and killing the cook and her 5-year-old son and also killing her husband and the castillar's elder son. The ambush was thwarted by the advance warning the ghosts of those killed gave to Cazaril.