The Weald is a country south of Darthaca and adjacent to the Cantons. In the distant past, Audar the Great of Darthaca ruled the Weald, but in the years since then and before the time of The Hallowed Hunt, they regained their independence.

The ruler of the Weald is the hallow king. In the Old Weald before Audar's conquest, the hallow king was elected by the heads of the thirteen strongest kin tribes. At the time of The Hallowed Hunt, the hallow king is elected by the heads of eight great kin houses (earl-ordainers) and five Temple ordainers (archdivine-ordainers), and primogeniture is given greater precedence. Of the Old Weald's thirteen kin groups, three are now extinct and two are reduced in power.

Named kin groups are:

  • kin Stagthorne
  • kin Horseriver
  • kin Wolfcliff
  • kin Badgerbank
  • kin Foxbriar
  • kin Hawkmoor
  • kin Otterbine
  • kin Boarford
  • kin Lynxlake (extinct at the time of The Hallowed Hunt)

Named archdivine-ordainers are:

Geography Edit

Named populated places:

  • Badgerbridge - a mining town in Badgerbank country, two days ride north of Easthome.
  • Birchbeck - castle at the confluence of the Birchbeck and the Lure Rivers; kin Wolfcliff lands.
  • Boar's Head Castle - Prince Boleso kin Stagthorne's hunting base
  • Easthome
  • Helmharbor - location of a naval camp; where Prince Byza kin Stagthorne contracted and died of lockjaw
  • Middletown - a small town where Prince Boleso's funeral cortege stops for the night
  • Oxmeade - a large town where Prince Boleso's funeral cortege stops for the night and is met by mourners from the court
  • Red Dike - a royal free town ruled by its own council, second stop of Prince Boleso's funeral cortege
  • Reedmere - a town of several thousand people, first stop of Prince Boleso's funeral cortege
  • Rosehall - a city renowned for its university, and also home to a seminary where Temple sorcerers are trained
  • Suttleaf - a town twenty-five miles to the south of Red Dike, site of a seminary where Learned Hallana and Learned Oswin teach

Other named features:

  • River Stork
  • Lure River
  • Birchbeck - a tributary of the Lure. Castle Birchgrove, held by kin Wolfcliff, commands its valley.
  • Raven Range - mountain range lying generally to the north of Easthome, and forming the border with the Cantons; rugged but not high, and vegetated. Apparently they contain the headwaters of the River Stork.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Weald roughly corresponds to real-world Germany.

Geographical analogies:

I didn't make a map of the Weald, but if you perform the same transmutations on a map of Germany as was done for the Iberian peninsula, you'll have the broad outline. Rivers running south across coastal plains to the (North Sea equivalent) from alpine regions that lie between the Weald and the northern coast. (Beyond which lies the Roknari islands.) Darthaca (France) to the Weald's east, early pagan Poland/Lithuania equivalencies to the west. The parallels are loose, not precise, so don't get too carried away, tho' you can think Lure=Rhine, Stork=Elbe, if you like. The world of Chalion does not seem to have an Italian peninsula nor a former Roman empire as such, however.[1]

References Edit

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