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"Vilnoc sat athwart the constantly silting mouth of the Oare river, navigable to larger boats for only a few miles inland before rising turbulently into this hillier country. The town had tracked the river downstream over the centuries, stretching itself to the present waterfront with its fortifications, one of Orbas’s few good harbors along this difficult coastline."
―The capital of Orbas[src]

Vilnoc was the summer capital of Orbas, near the coast and not very far from the border with Cedonia.

The country's leader, Duke Jurgo, spent quite some time on building renovations in the city, particularly his mansion.

People of Vilnoc[]

Places in Vilnoc[]

  • Main Temple and subsidiary ones scattered in town.
    • Cedonian style architecture: six-sided domed sanctuary, with a fire plinth in center and oculus to let smoke out. One face was entryway, others one for each god. Double wooden doors for entryway. Frescoes on walls.
  • Bastard's Order chapterhouse. A main house bequeathed by rich patron together with outlying buildings.
  • Mother's Order chapterhouse and hospice, had been merchant's mansion
  • military base just outside Vilnoc, upstream of the Oare river
  • Olive Street in poorer areas has a local temple. Southwest side of town, near old walls
  • Harbor, with Customs building