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"when she forgot to look at me, she was plain."
―Illvin considering Umerue's amazing attractiveness[src]

Princess Umerue was the twice-widowed sister of Prince Sordso of Jokona, daughter of Joen of Jokona, granddaughter of the Golden General. Her second husband was the lord of Hamavick, and Illvin had met her during that marriage. Joen placed a demon under her control into Umerue, after feeding the demon variously with a finch, a servant girl, a Chalionese tutor who followed the ways of the Bastard, and a Jokonan courtesan, all to gain the skills Joen wished her to have. Umerue was then sent with the spring embassy from Jokona to Porifors seeking a marriage alliance with Illvin dy Arbanos, as a plot to take the castle from the inside.

Umerue switched her attentions to Lord Arhys dy Lutez after arriving at Porifors, and with the aid of her demon convinced him to visit her chambers. Cattilara and Illvin followed separately, Illvin to try to prevent a scene. Arhys's wife Cattilara tried to stab Umerue, and in the scuffle Arhys was stabbed and killed with both Cattilara and Illvin's hands on the knife. Cattilara stabbed and killed Umerue, and Umerue's demon then jumped to Cattilara.

Umerue was almost thirty years of age and blonde. Before being possessed by her demon, she was plain, drab, and silent, and did not speak Ibran. Demon-possessed, she appeared beautiful, was witty, and spoke Ibran well enough to make bilingual puns.

To Ista, Lady Cattilara blamed Lord Pechma, a Jokonan courtier also among the embassy, for Umerue's death in jealousy over Illvin. In reality Cattilara convinced Pechma to flee by telling him he would be blamed for Umerue's death.