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"I lost count of the number of secret Quintarians and ill-treated whores and crow-lads I smuggled out of Raspay with me as servants, to release in some port of Ibra in the hopes they might find a safer life."
―Ubi as a freedom smuggler[src]

Ubi Getaf was a traveling merchant, with a wife in Zagosur and a favorite prostitute in Raspay, a town in Jokona. He was middle-aged, middle-sized, and sturdy rather than overweight.

He was the father of Lencia and Seuka Corva by Jedula Corva in Raspay, who he regularly visited whenever his travels brought him to the area. Once he learned of Jedula's death by illness and Lencia and Seuka's difficult time afterwards, he hastened to find them at Penric kin Jurald's home in Vilnoc. He did not believe his wife would welcome them in her home, so he arranged with Penric to set them up as dowered dedicats in the Bastard's Order.