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Timeline of Five Gods World The Five Gods World is a distinct creation, not exactly matching the Real World.

Nevertheless, several events mentioned in the tales have approximate correspondences with events in history, and it is handy to keep them in mind when picturing approximate distances between the tales.

  • 0-300 - Cedonian Empire stretches from the Cedonian Peninsula to Darthaca
    • Time is approximate: all that's clear from tales is that the Empire existed more than a millenium before Penric's time and that it lasted approximately 300 years
    • Appears to be a cross between ancient Rome and Alexander the Great (died 323 BCE)
  • 800 - Great Audar of Darthaca conquers the Weald
    • ~ Charlemagne (claimed to be about 400 years before events of Hallowed Hunt)
  • 950 - Weald is retaken from heirs of Audar.
  • 1200 - events of Hallowed Hunt
  • 1350 - Penric tales
    • technology of interest: early stages of printing presses
  • 1469 - Curse of Chalion ~ Marriage of Ferdinand & Isabela of Spain
    • technology of interest: printed books are common-place
  • 1470 - Paladin of Souls