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"The man could certainly put the grim in grimace."
―Penric's opinion of Tigney[src]

Learned Tigney ran the Bastard's Order for the region around Martensbridge in the Cantons, and served as boss to any local sorcerers.


"Cowardly demon-destroyer. Ruchia may have thought him diligent, but we always thought him a prig."
―Desdemona's opinion of Tigney[src]

When he was young, he was gifted with a very strong demon, and Learned Ruchia trained him in how to manage the condition. However, a few years later, the demon ascended and fled to Orbas. A year later, Ruchia and Desdemona tracked him down, subdued him, and took him to the Saint of Idau, who took the demon from him, killing it.

Tigney recovered entirely, with no grief for the lost demon. As a result of his experience, he was extremely dubious about the very young Penric's ability to manage an extremely powerful demon, and sent for the Saint of Idau, in secret from Penric, to rid him of it.