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"Accusation and counter-accusation, rumor and slander, are staples of the Thasalon court, as men wrestle for advantage and access to the emperor’s favor."
―Adelis's opinion of the Capital[src]

Thasalon was the capital city of Cedonia, to the west of Skirose.

Facts about Thasalon[]

  • Thasalon was huge city, ten times the size of Easthome.
  • It had a bustling sea port. Alixtra and her husband Kavi moved there because Kavi was a sailor and there were many jobs for sailors in Thasalon.
  • Even in a quick trip through the city, Penric heard seven different languages being spoken.
  • It was surrounded by massive walls, three miles long, with 15 gates.
  • Wealthy people stored ice from the mountains underground for consumption later.
  • Many wealthy people maintained mansions which were the size of palaces in other cities.

People from Thasalon[]


Behind the scenes[]

In location and role, Thasalon roughly corresponds to Real World's Thessaloniki, a major city of Greece.