"She doesn't batten, you know; in certain narrow ways, she makes herself quite useful. It is sad, though, that she herself destroys the gratitude that ought to be her reward." - Ista dy Chalion, Paladin of Souls
Lady Tessa dy Hueltar is the dowager Provincara dy Baocia's cousin and close companion. She is a widow and lay dedicat of the Temple. Her other boon companion is the Divine Tovia.

Lady dy Hueltar is elderly and shares the dowager Provincara's rigid sense of propriety. In Paladin of Souls, she is scandalized when Ista sets out on her pilgrimage with only Liss as attendant. Lady dy Hueltar arrives at Porifors when the seige is broken, trailed by what seems like hundreds of servants, grooms and maids in support of a dozen ladies from the courts of Valenda and Taryoon. After she tries to replace Liss, Ista hands her off to her brother, who will find her a suitable place.

Appearances Edit

The Curse of Chalion

Paladin of Souls