Royse Teidez dy Chalion is the son of Ias dy Chalion and Ista dy Baocia, Ias's second marriage. He is half-brother and heir apparent to Orico, Ias's oldest child, and has a older sister Iselle. When Iselle and Teidez are brought to court during the actions in The Curse of Chalion, Teidez is courted by Dondo and incited by him into slaughtering the animals in Orico's menagerie, which were sustaining Orico's health in a miracle of the Bastard. During that attack Teidez is scratched by a leopard, contracted blood poisoning, and dies of it.

Teidez is fourteen years old at the opening of The Curse of Chalion. He has curly hair a shade redder than Iselle’s, and a wide mouth.

 Appearances Edit

The Curse of Chalion

Paladin of Souls