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Master Surakos Bosha was the beloved servant of Lady Tanar Xarre.

He was intelligent and quick-witted, with a prodigious memory. He was composed; even under torture, he could keep his wits about him and guide his torturers to the topics he wanted to learn about. However, he had a biting, sardonic wit which he sometimes let slip even at inopportune times.

"Well, not that. I confessed to many other things, though. Every famous crime in Thasalon more than forty years old that I could remember, for a start. Oddly, they were not pleased.”
“Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to mock your torturers?
―Bosha shares his wit with torturers[src]

Bosha was an albino. He had a great deal of trouble with sunlight, sunburning quickly and needing special tinted lens to protect his eyes.

On his 18th birthday, his family forcibly castrated him. In Cedonia, castration was a way to rise in the Imperial bureaucracy. (Men who were castrated couldn't favor their own children, and so were believed to be more loyal to the emperor.) His family believed his albinism made him unsuitable for other professions and that, if he rose high enough in the government, he could do favors for them. He did join the Imperial government; however, Bosha bitterly resented being castrated against his will and didn't have an interest in doing them any such favors.

Approximately 8 years later, his family backed the wrong side in a civil war, Bosha's brothers were killed and he barely escaped. Badly wounded, he ended up in the tree house of Tanar Xarre, then 6. Tanar nursed him back to health, even stitching up his wounds with her sewing needle. Tanar's mother, Lady Xarre, let him remain hidden on her estate on the outskirts of Thasalon, and Bosha was fiercely loyal to the pair even since.

To Tanar, he became more than loyal, falling deeply in love with her as she reached adulthood. Though his castration and station made marriage impossible, Tanar reciprocated his feelings; the two were emotionally closer than Tanar was to her husband Adelis.

When Tanar reached adulthood, Bosha served as her bodyguard and secretary. As her bodyguard, he was almost always armed with multiple hidden weapons, many of them poisoned using a paralytic that Tanar would prepare.


As an albino, Bosha had pure white hair, long enough to reach halfway down his back, a beardless face, and skin "as pale as the moon". His eyes were pink. He had an old scar along the left side of his face, making that side of his mouth always appear to be smirking. His body was strong, well-muscled, quick, and covered with multiple scars; the body of a fighter. His hands and clothing were elegant, and he was somewhat vain about them.

Desdemona found him "almost as pretty as [Penric]".


Bosha was the youngest of five brothers, sons of a minor noble. All of his brothers died during the same civil war than sent Bosha fleeing to the Xarre estate. He also had an older sister Hekat, an acolyte in the Daughter's Order on Limnos.