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"Sosie guarded the dwindling head of navigation for the stream, the craft that could reach it more skiffs than barges."
―Sosie seen from a distance[src]

Sosie was a walled town over a river in Cedonia, more than 3/4 of the way from Patos to Orbas.

Facts about Sosie[]

  • It had a large temple made of stone.
  • The 14th infantry regiment was garrisoned there.
  • Its streets were narrow.
  • It had a large brothel somewhat inclined to experience crab lice infestations.
  • Cape Crow was the nearest point on the coast to Sosie.
  • A feuding pair of families were commanded to spend the night in the temple to resolve their differences after a double suicide by young lovers, one from each family.
  • Houses in Sosie were constructed in the Cedonian style: high blank walls around inner courtyards, any street-facing windows or balconies on upper stories only.

People from Sosie[]

  • General Egan Chadro
  • Madame Zihre