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"One scarcely knows if he would be of more use to us as a hostage, or set loose to be a very bad enemy leader."
―Illvin on Prince Sordso[src]

Prince Sordso, also known as Sordso the Sot, was the ruler of Jokona, the westernmost Roknari princedom. He was the only surviving son of Princess Joen, and grandson of the Golden General.

During his youth, Sordso earned his nickname by ignoring lessons of statecraft, instead indulging in wine parties and poetry. In Paladin of Souls, his men consider him reformed, as he had recently given up wine and married the heiress of Borasnen. In reality though, Princess Joen has bound him to her with her most experienced demon, turning him into a sorcerer-slave. Under this influence, Sordso dispatched a raiding party to cross Chalion and kill the saint of Rauma. The raiders also nearly succeed in capturing Ista. In a later encounter, he attacked Ista with demon magic, causing her to collapse in agony. In their final encounter though, Ista 'swallowed' Sordo's demon, setting him free.

As a result of those events Sordso was last known to be considering a religious vocation and conversion to the Quintarian faith.

He was handsome, with high cheekbones and crinkled gold hair.