Acquiring a demon made one a sorcerer much as acquiring a horse made one a rider, but whether skilled or poor was a more open question. Like a horse, a demon could run away with its master. Unlike a horse, there was no dismounting. To a soul's peril. - Ista dy Chalion, Paladin of Souls

When a demon enters a human, they become a sorcerer. An inexperienced demon needs time to learn from its host and thus can be controlled - for a while. The demon will try to tempt the human with magic, which generally makes the demon stronger and allows it to seize control of the relationship. The human can remain in control by having an overpowering purpose, or by carefully maintaining balance in their use of magic.

Demon magic can be very powerful. Examples include Cattilara keeping Arhys 'alive' by draining Illvin, Princess Joen harnessing other demons to her will, and the Roknari host destroying the water supply and setting fires within Porifors. The cost of such magic is high. As Ista puts it, "Two lives traded for one, then that one subtracted. Leaving, for all your efforts, nothing." However, Temple sorcerers can learn to use the demon magic for good.

Sorcerers in the World of Five GodsEdit

The saint of Rauma and Ista in Paladin of Souls, along with an unnamed Darthacan saint in The Hallowed Hunt, can also be considered sorcerers, since they can control demons through their god, the Bastard.