""Out of an avenue of autumn-scented trees a red-haired young man appeared. He was tall, clothed as for a hunt in leggings and leathers, his bow and quiver strapped across his back. His eyes were bright, sparkling like a woodland stream; freckles dusted across his nose, and his generous mouth laughed. His head was crowned with autumn leaves, brown oak, red maple, yellow birch, and his stride was wide."
―Ingrey meets the Son of Autumn[src]

The Son of Autumn is one of the five god of the Chalion world.

His particular domain is warfare and hunting, warriors generally are devotees of the Son.

The primary color associated with the Son is red-orange; the secondary color is brown.

At death, unless there is a stronger association with a different god, men who've never fathered children generally are taken up by the Son.