Ser dy Joal is a Chalionese nobleman, known to be one of Dondo dy Jironal's bravos. After Dondo's death, dy Joal picks a fight with Cazaril and challenges him to a duel. After refusing several times, Cazaril loses his temper. Cazaril smears dy Joal's face with blood after pinning him to the wall. Cazaril warns him, "If I decide you die, you will die when I choose, by what means I choose, and you will never see the blow coming." Cazaril then further manhandles dy Joal, leaving him vomiting on the ground.

Dy Joal then enters the service of Martou dy Jironal and gathers some men to set a trap for Cazaril when he returns from Ibra with Royse Bergon. While waiting for Cazaril to arrive, dy Joal loses control of his men and several locals are killed. Cazaril detects the trap in time thanks to their ghosts, and kills dy Joal.