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"But will there be good beer?"
―Scuolla's question regarding the afterlife[src]

Scuolla was a hedge shaman who lived in Linkbeck Vale in the Cantons. He raised Great Dogs who served the community well, in searching for lost or hurt people, and more. He was pious, and very much devoted to the Son of Autumn.

His home was up along the east branch of Linkbeck River; he generally kept to himself, though he was friends with the local Temple-man, Acolyte Gallin.

His sister was the mother of Savo; because she was much younger than Scuolla, they were not particularly close. Nevertheless, Scuolla gave Blood, one of his Dogs, to Savo.

His death under a rockfall led to the Son finding a disgraced shaman of the Weald and causing him to travel to Linkbeck to cleanse his soul so he could be united with his God.

Scuolla's Great Dogs[]

  • Arrow - a full Great Beast, ready to be invested in a new shaman
  • Blood - a partial Great Beast, still in need of more dog-lives before reaching that point.