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Royina Sara dy Chalion was the wife of Roya Orico. She was an aunt to the current provincar of Labran at the time of The Curse of Chalion.

Sara and Orico were a devoted couple but did not have any children. After many tries to conceive an heir for Orico including attempts with other women, Orico was persuaded to allow Martou and Dondo dy Jironal to attempt to sire a child by Sara. These efforts continued for a year and only ended when Sara threatened to kill herself. While Martou was polite about his efforts, Dondo took pleasure in humiliating Sara.

Immediately before Iselle's wedding, Sara, along with a physician and Archdivine Mendenal, concealed Orico's death to prevent Iselle's marriage from being potentially invalid because she had become a ward of Martou dy Jironal.

Sara maintained her chambers on the top floor of Ias’s Tower.

She was in her mid-thirties, her earlier prettiness now faded and worn. She enjoyed the court minstrels and singers, but remained aloof from court society.