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[Lord Rusillin] was thickset and muscular, his hands broad, suitable for maintaining a grip on a weapon in defiance of blows, his riding leathers heavy and less elaborate than what his horse was wearing. Pen suspected the straight black hair had actually borne a helmet at some point. Tough, solid, unsmiling. - "Penric's Demon"

Lord Rusillin kin Martenden, also known as Rusi, was a minor lord of the Cantons. He was lord of Castle Martenden, but the economy of his lands was stunted by the nearby city of Martensbridge. For a living, Lord Rusillin recruited and led a company of mercenaries for the Earl Palatine of Westria. He also periodically blocked traffic along the lake and charged "tolls", much to the frustration of the guilds of Martensbridge.

Lord Rusillin was the half brother of Clee, a cleric of the Bastard's Order. Together, the two planned to kill Penric in order to acquire his demon.

Lord Rusillin had black hair and a beard. He was thickset and muscular, and wears his sword even in the city.