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"Oh, just spit it out, Pen. She was a spy, and a good one, too."
―Desdemona describing Ruchia[src]

Learned Ruchia was a sorceress-divine of the Bastard's Order who was based in the Cantons, but often traveled due to her employment as a spy.

She had been a foundling of the order, and upon receiving Desdemona and becoming a sorceress, took up spy-work rather than become a physician. She never married or had children of her own. Upon her death, she gave her demon to Penric kin Jurald (who had no idea what he was in for). She had been Desdemona's favorite rider before Penric.

Desdemona often called upon Ruchia's memories in assisting Penric, possibly due to her being the most recent addition.


Ruchia is present in all the Penric tales, but her role is particularly prominent in the following ones