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"I’ve heard of it! A great university, yes?"
―Nikys in Cedonia knows of Rosehall[src]

Rosehall was a town in the Weald with a world-famous university.

Facts about Rosehall[]

  • The university was three hundred years old at the time of Penric.
  • They housed about six thousand students at a time.
  • Training for a divine usually took six years.
  • There was a seminary of the Bastard associated with the university.
  • Books were extremely expensive; the poorer students rented and shared them, sometimes leading to fights over them.

Students of Rosehall[]

  • Penric kin Jurald - completed a six year course of study in three years; graduated almost with honors.
  • Wegae kin Pikepool - graduated with second honors

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