Roknar is a region to the north of Chalion which consists of the five Roknari Princedoms on the Ibran peninsula, and the Roknari Archipelago.

Geography Edit

The Roknari Princedoms are lands held by Roknari on the mainland of the Chalion peninsula. The princedoms are bounded by Ibra, Chalion, and Brajar to the south and the sea to the north. From west to east the princedoms are:

  • Jokona
    • At the time of The Curse of Chalion, Jokona is ruled by Prince Sordso in concert with his mother and former regent Joen.
    • Jokonan uniforms have white pelicans on green.
  • Borasnen
    • Located between Jokona and Vardo and north of Chalion at Gotorget.
    • The capital city is the port of Visping.
  • Vardo
  • Tavaki
  • Jarn

Map of the Roknari princedoms.

The Roknari Archipelago is a group of islands north of the Ibran Peninsula settled by Roknari of the Quadrene failth, but not part of the Roknari princedoms.

Cazaril claimed that in nineteen months of being a galley slave to the Roknari, he'd rowed around at least half the Archipelago.

Language Edit

The language of Roknar is Roknari, which has subgroups of common (called "vile" or "rude") Roknari and court Roknari. Court Roknari has multiple modes indicating the relative ranks of the speakers, such as "servant to master", "master to warrior", and "servant to lesser servant".

Religion Edit

The prevalent religion in Roknar is the Quadrene religion, which believes in four gods (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter). The Bastard, regarded as a god by the Quintarian religion, is held to be a demon like his father, not a god like his mother. This is referred to as the Roknari heresy of the four gods by Quintarians.

An outgrowth of the Quadrene beliefs is that the sort of odd loves under the purview of the Bastard in Quintarian lands are crimes in Roknar. Divines and others devoted to the Bastard, if identified and caught by Quadrenes, are generally tortured and killed by first cutting off the thumb and the tongue (the finger and organ that represent the Bastard), and (for men) the genitals, then moving on to whatever horrible means of death can be devised.