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Ree Richelon was a young man living in Lodi. He was the son of Learned Iserne and her husband Ripol Richelon, a merchant.

While apprenticed in his father's company, he took a trip on a merchant convey. During that time, he discovered that Aulie Merin, an acquaintance from Lodi, had been embezzling from the merchant who employed him. When Ree confronted Aulie, the latter pushed him off the ship and left him to drown. Fortunately, Ree was found by a demon-infested dolphin who kept him alive long enough to be rescued. Unfortunately, just before he was rescued, the dolphin died and the demon jumped to Ree. The demon, having being previously imprinted by a murderer and then crippled by being forced into a dolphin, was completely mad, but in his weakened state, Ree was unable to keep it from ascending.

Once back on shore, the ascended demon fled when Desdemona came near. Eventually, Blessed Chio was able to remove the demon and Ree returned to sanity. At the end of Masquerade in Lodi, it was suggested that Ree was interested in courting Chio.