Lands of the Ibran peninsula Edit

Ranks used in the non-Roknari countries of the Ibran peninsula:

Rank Notes Rough equivalent
roya/royina Ruler of a country (a royacy). king/queen
royse/royesse Child of a roya/royina. prince/princess
provincar/provincara Commands a province and all therein, appointed by the roya/royina. Not necessarily a hereditary position. duke
march/marchess Has authority over lands within a province, appointed or confirmed by a provincar/provincara. The high march of Yiss is so called because of Yiss's historical state as a politically independent entity. marquess/marchioness
castillar/castillara Commands smaller sub-units than a march, usually but not always based on a single fortress; report to their march earl or baron/countess or baroness
ser/sera The knight-equivalent, serving throughout the royacy. knight-baronet

Prince is used for rulers and high nobles of other lands, as in the Roknari Prince Sordso (Paladin of Souls) and Prince Jokol Skullsplitter of the southern islands (The Hallowed Hunt).

The Weald Edit

The ruler of the Weald at the time of The Hallowed Hunt is referred to as the hallow king. His children use the title prince or princess. Other titles include earl, used for the head of each kin-group and perhaps others. In the Weald of The Hallowed Hunt, earl-ordainers are the heads of eight great kin houses who elect the hallow king on the death of the old king; the equivalent in the religious hierarchy are the five archdivine-ordainers. The sealmaster has charge of the hallow king's seal, kept in an oak box, and will break the seal with a silver hammer on the death of the hallow king.