The Quintarian faith worships the Five Gods, contrasting with the Quadrene faith that considers the Bastard to be a demon. With the exception of the Roknari people, it is the pervasive faith in the known world at the time of The Curse of Chalion. It is not known when worship of the Bastard began, but the Quintarian faith was already the established religion of Darthaca four centuries before the events of the Hallowed Hunt in the war against the Weald. The Old Wealdings also worshiped the Five Gods, but used spirit animals as intermediaries and practiced human sacrifice.

The Tale of the Five Gods Edit

In Paladin of Souls, Learned dy Cabon gives a lengthy sermon on the origin of the Five Gods, citing the eminent theologian Ordol as his source. Summarizing:

  • 'The world was first' - in the World of Five Gods, matter created the gods, not vice versa
  • Matter formed into a great ball with fire at its heart, from which grew the World-Soul
  • The World-Soul split in two, creating the Father and the Mother
  • In their first love for each other, they bore the Daughter and the Son
  • The four gods divided the seasons among them, creating harmony and security
  • Plants and animals and men arose
  • From the chaos in the fire at the heart of the world, demons invaded the world, bringing about the era of the Great Sorcerers
  • One of the demon lords attempted to possess a hermit, but the hermit freely offered him his soul, and gradually taught him the beauties of virtue
  • The great-souled demon became a champion of the Mother, and fought to rid the world of demons, only to die on the final battleground
  • 'And so was born the last god, the Bastard, love child of the goddess and the great-souled demon'