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"My dear Provincar is dead these ten years, but I'll see the Bastard's demons eat the first man who dares to call me anything less than Provincara. We have what we can hold, dear boy, and never let them see you flinch or falter." - the dowager Provincara dy Baocia, The Curse of Chalion

The dowager Provincara dy Baocia was the mother of the current Provincar dy Baocia and Ista dy Chalion. It was said that her husband, the previous Provincar, ruled all of Baocia except his own castle in Valenda. Upon inheriting the title, her son chose to relocate the provincial capital to Taryoon to escape her overpowering influence.

The dowager Provincara ran her household with a keen eye and a firm hand. She was known for her propriety and sense of justice. Due to Ista's 'madness', she was heavily involved in raising Teidez and Iselle. She hired Cazaril to be Iselle's secretary-tutor.

The dowager Provincara was elderly, with graying hair elaborately styled.