"Old dy Yarrin was as canny as you. He suspected this trouble from the first. I'd asked him why he thought we needed so large a force to enter Cardegoss -- he murmured, 'No boy, it is to leave Cardegoss.' I didn't understand his joke. Till now." - March dy Palliar to Cazaril
Yarrin is one of the sixteen provinces of Chalion. It is ruled by the Provincar dy Yarrin, who is also the highest ranking lord of Chalion to have chosen allegiance to the Daughter's Order.

In the Curse of Chalion, the Provincar dy Yarrin brings charges against the comptroller of the order after having assembled extensive evidence. Dondo dy Jironal throws out the charges and banishes dy Yarrin from court. Dy Yarrin later works to bring charges against Martou dy Jironal for failing to ransom Cazaril.

Dy Yarrin is later appointed Holy General of the Daughter's Order by Royina Iselle.

Appearances Edit

The Curse of Chalion