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"The mountains had dwindled away altogether, into a wide, rolling country, open to the bright sky. It was warm enough for olive groves, shining silver-green largesse scattered here and there across the long slopes. A few walled villages sat like light-gilded toys at the edges of sight. In this peaceful day, yokes of oxen plowed far valleys. A tall wheel groaned in a watercourse, its voice softened by distance, lifting moisture to irrigate the garden plots and rows of vines embroidered upon the lower and more fertile ground. Along the heights, the gray bones of the world poked through the thinner soil, soaking in the sun like old men on a plaza bench."
―Ista looks at the landscape of Porifors[src]

Porifors was a marchdom in the province of Caribastos in the northwest corner of Chalion, held by Arhys dy Lutez at the time of Paladin of Souls. Castle Porifors was the seat of the March of Porifors, and was located at the border of Chalion, Ibra, and the Roknari princedom of Jokona. Castle Porifors was originally built to guard Jokona from Chalion and Ibra before Chalion conquered the region.

The architecture of Castle Porifors reflected the style of the Roknari stonemasons. The crenellated fortress walls were of pale gold stone with contrasting white stone bands with elaborate twining carvings. The village of Porifors lay below the fortress in its own walls. The fortress had several interior courtyards and galleries, with pools and pots of flowers and succulents, the stonework elaborately carved and utilizing marble and alabaster. The entry court was full of potted plants and greenery, including an apricot tree entwined with an almond tree, espaliered to a wall. The castle relied on cisterns for its water supply.

Porifors uniforms were gray tabards with gold.


Location of Castle Porifors.