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An approximate listing of events around the time of Penric, based on his age in years at the times of the events described.

Age - The Events[]

  • -31 - Llewyn kin Stagthorne born
  • -10 - Surakos Bosha born
  • ~ -5 - Ikos Rodoa born
    • Unclear on time relative to Nikys & Adelis birth: their mother had time to wean Ikos, then spent time with his family as servant, then time till Nikys is born adds up to at least 3 year and probably more.
  • 0 - Penric born, he was 7th child to kin Jurald family
  • 8 - Surakos Bosha began working in Cedonian Imperial Bureaucracy, was castrated at this time (his age 18)
  • 10 - Tanar Xarre born
  • 16 - Bloody power transition in Cedonia brought a new emperor
    • Bosha fled with severe injuries, was taken up by Tanar Xarre, then age 6. His age was 26.
  • 19 - Penric acquired Desdemona (Penric's Demon)
    • At ~200 years old, she was not old enough to remember days of great Cedonian empire or Great Audar in Darthaca.
    • She predated the events of The Hallowed Hunt, but came into existence some time after the time the Weald was retaken from the Darthacans.
  • 20-22 - Penric attended Rosehall Seminary (After Penric's Demon and before Penric and the Shaman)
  • 23 - Penric spent a year in Weald learning Shamanism (after Penric's Fox)
  • 24-28 - Penric learned and did medicine.
    • Llewyn kin Stagthorne died near the end of this time, as did Penric's mother. (age 27, according to The Prisoner of Limnos, chapter XI)
    • 25 - Prince Mikal, the only son of Cedonia's emperor, born.
  • 29 - Penric moved to Adria (before Penric's Mission)
  • 30 - Penric moved to Orbas (Penric's Mission, Mira's Last Dance, The Prisoner of Limnos)
  • 30 or 31 - Penric married Nikys Khatai
  • 32 - Penric captured by pirates (The Orphans of Raspay)
  • 33 - Penric's and Nikys' daughter Florina was born. Penric dealt with the bruising sickness (The Physicians of Vilnoc)
  • 34 - Cedonia's emperor died after ruling for 17 years. Prince Mikal, age 9, declared emperor.
  • 35 - Penric travelled to Thasalon at the request of the Bastard. Adelis and Tanar married. (The Assassins of Thasalon)

Large-scale timeline for future article work[]

Times again are relative to Penric

  • ??? - Uncontrolled demons rampaged. Age of Great Sorcerers. Bastard came into existence.
  • ~1000 - 700 yrs ago - Cedonian Empire heydey
  • ~550 yrs ago -  Great Audar of Darthaca
  • ~400 yrs ago - Weald retaken. A new spring on island of Limnos appeared, almost 1000 feet above sea level, making it habitable. A retreat of the Daughter's Order was built around the spring.
  • ~200 yrs ago - Desdemona came into existence. Around this time, invaders in Cedonia briefly took over the island of Limnos.
  • 0 - Birth of Penric kin Jurald