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"Oswin was the most perfect servant of the Father, always so concerned for figuring out the exact rules and getting himself on the right side of them. Or them on the left side of him."
―Hallana describes her husband[src]

Learned Oswin was a divine of the Father’s Order and a senior scholar of jurisprudence in the Weald. He lived in Suttleaf and taught there. He was married to Learned Hallana; they had two children at the opening of The Hallowed Hunt and Hallana gave birth to a daughter shortly afterwards.

He and Hallana met at the fen fort where Ijada's father was the captain, discovered a shared passion over theology (and arguing about it), and Oswin followed her back to the Weald when his position at the fort ended and they married. Hallana said, "I told him he just wanted to have the last word. He’s still trying."

Oswin was gangly, with a beaklike nose, receding chin, and untidy graying black hair. He wore a red shoulder braid with a gold cord running through it to mark a senior scholar of jurisprudence.

During the uncanny night in the Wounded Woods where Ingrey released the souls of those who died at Bloodfield, Oswin served as the gate of the Father.