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And yet, whatever Orico had been, he had held on long enough for the next generation to gain its chance. Like some doomed little hero holding back a dike of woe, and drowning while the others escaped the tide. - Cazaril, musing on Orico's fate, Curse of Chalion

Orico dy Chalion was roya of Chalion at the opening of The Curse of Chalion; he was the son of Ias and his Brajaran first wife. His wife was Royina Sara; they had no children. An indecisive and ineffective ruler, he was known as Orico the Impotent. Due to his knowledge of the curse that lays upon Chalion, he attempted to rule through his chancellor, Martou dy Jironal.

Orico was little below average height. His nose was broken in an accident and looked like a squashed mushroom, his curly hair was auburn, later graying to roan, his face was pale and puffy and his body grossly broadened.

Behind the scenes[]

His ongoing illness as seen in the tale is intentionally similar to Diabetes II.