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Ordol was a theologian of some time prior to the period of The Curse of Chalion. He was the author of The Fivefold Pathway of the Soul: On the True Methods of Quintarian Theology, and Letters to the Young Royse dy Brajar.

Cazaril borrowed The Fivefold Pathway from the castle's small library in Valenda to conceal his naps with apparent scholarliness; later Betriz found two identical copies of it in Cardegoss to use for a book cipher.


Umegat used Ordol's Sermon of the Cups to explain sainthood to Cazaril, demonstrating that a soul must be open to the gods for the gods to use them as a tool in the world of matter.

Ordol held that the world of the gods and the world of matter are a shadow's thickness apart.

The creation story of the five gods that Learned dy Cabon relates is Ordol's version from Letters to the Young Royse dy Brajar.