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Orbas was a country between Cedonia, Grabyat, and Trigonie. It had periodic troubles from Rusylli tribes attacking it.


Orbas and environs

Facts about Orbas[]

  • One of its few coastal islands was named Pulpi.
  • Learned Tigney fled to Orbas when his demon ascended.

Places in Orbas[]

  • The summer capital city, Vilnoc, was along the coast, while the winter capital, Dogrita, was inland. The two capitals were not close to each other.
  • A military fort near Vilnoc had a neighbor village named Tyno. An encampment of Rusylli prisoners was nearby.
  • A military fort near the tri-corner between Orbas, Cedonia, and Grabyat served as a place to insert spies into Cedonia.
  • Izbetsia, a small farming town about two day's ride away from Vilnoc.

People of Orbas[]

Behind the scenes[]

The location of Orbas roughly matches that of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina in real life.