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Nikys Arisaydia kin Jurald (previously Nikys Khatai, previously Nikys Arisaydia, pronounced NICK-ease) was a woman of Cedonia. She was the love interest and later wife of Penric kin Jurald.


Nikys was born to the Old General Arisaydia's second wife, Idrene. She was born on the same day as Adelis was born to the General's first wife, Lady Florina, and so Nikys and Adelis always considered themselves twins. Her father died when she was a teen; she and Adelis were jointly raised by Idrene and Lady Florina; both Nikys and Adelis considered both Idrene and Lady Florina their mother.

She also had an older half-brother, Ikos, the offspring of her mother's premartial bedding of her then-fiancé. Nikys only got to know him when Ikos was an adult; after Ikos's father was killed, Ikos's paternal grandmother took in Ikos and cut off contact with Idrene.

Around 20, she married Kymis Khatai, one of Adelis's military comrades. They did not have any children, despite trying; Nikys was later afraid she was barren. Kymis later died of wounds sustained during a military campaign, leaving her an early widow. Adelis, trying to set her up with other military officers, invited her to stay with him; fortunate, since she was around to help Adelis when he was accused of treason and blinded.

She was the same age as Penric; they were both 30 during the events of Penric's Mission.

Personality and traits[]

She was fiercely loyal to Adelis; even when he was accused of treason and everyone else abandoned him, she stayed with him and tried to care for him.


"'I went as an owl. A much rounder bird.' She waved a hand down her body, which was indeed more owl- than swan-shaped. Pen thought she looked wonderfully soft, but he didn’t suppose he dared say so."
―Nikys, regarding a masquerade[src]

Like many natives of Cedonia, she had black hair and brown eyes, with light-copper skin. She tended towards plump, with a large behind.

Penric considered her quite beautiful; being accused several times by Desdemona of not taking his eyes off her behind.


  • Wife of Penric
  • Widow of Kymis Khatai
  • Half-sister (on their father's side) of her "twin brother" Adelis Arisaydia
  • Half-sister (on their mother's side) of Ikos
  • Daughter of Idrene Gardiki and the Old General Arisaydia
  • Mother of Florina and Wyn