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Lord Nao was the husband of Princess Laris and one of the Lord Regents for her half-brother, Prince (later Emperor) Mikal.

Lord Nao was high in the Imperial bureaucracy of Cedonia when his marriage to Laris was arranged. Mikal's mother, fearing that any husband to the princess might become a rival of her son for the throne, forced Laris to marry Nao. Nao, though respected in the bureaucracy and considered competent, did not have much support from the military and was 15 years older than Laris; Mikal's mother apparently believed this made him less likely to seize power from her son. Despite the political nature of their marriage, Laris and Nao seemed pleased with each other and were close political allies after the marriage.

Nao had one child with Laris, a daughter.

Politically, Nao and Laris were opposed to Minister Methani, who considered them rivals for power. After the death of Laris' uncle, Prince Ragat Lafoni, Nao and Laris feared that Methani planned to assume complete control of the country, probably killing them in the process. Lacking the military support they would need for a coup, they dispatched General Gria to recruit General Arisaydia onto their side.


Nao was described as having a receding hairline and a soft body, slowly becoming stout. He was of middle height.