The Mother's Order deals with healing, particularly maintaining hospitals and schools for physicians.

Hallana wears a dark green, straw-yellow, and metallic gold Temple school braid on her shoulder to indicate her status as a physician-divine.

Facilities Edit

  • Temple Hospital of the Mother's Mercy in Cardegoss in Chalion, converted from a rambling mansion bequeathed to the order by a pious widow, located on the street beyond the Mother’s house from the Temple Square. 
  • Temple Hospital of the Mother's Mercy in Zagosur, in Ibra
  • A seminary at Suttleaf, in the Weald.

Known members of the Mother's Order Edit

  • Rojeras, dedicat and physician
  • Acolyte Clara
  • unnamed comptroller who is part of the party of pilgrims Ista encounters, acolyte
  • Learned Tovia, divine and physician
  • Learned Hallana, physician-divine(also a sorceress-divine of the Bastard's Order)
  • Hergi, midwife-dedicat