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Minister Methani was one of the most powerful men in the government of Cedonia. By the time of his death, around age 60, he was one of the five Lord Regents for the young emperor Mikal.

Methani was ruthless and power-hungry; he was perfectly willing to assassinate or destroy others to consolidate power. He fabricated charges of treason against Adelis Arisaydia, leading to Adelis' blinding. When Adelis regained his sight and escaped to Orbas, Methani sent several assassins after him and also imprisoned Adelis' stepmother, Idrene. Methani later had one of his fellow Lord Regents, Prince Ragar, killed in order to increase Methani's faction's control over the regency council.

He was generally very effective at gathering power; however, his ruthlessness was also his fatal flaw. Adelis was not planning to return to Cedonia and lead the army in revolt until Methani's last assassination attempt made Adelis decide that if didn't return, Methani would eventually succeed in killing him. Adelis' decision to return and take up arms against Methani directly led to Methani's death. Lady Tanar Xarre, Adelis' betrothed, decided that the best way to ensure her husband-to-be's safety was to poison Methani, ensuring his faction collapsed without the need for civil war. She met with Methani on the pretense of discussing the suit of Lord Bordane, the nephew of Minister Methani, and then stabbed him with poisoned needles.

Upon his death, Methani was sundered. Due to his ruthlessness, his murders, and his misuse of the Bastard's demons, none of the five gods would accept his soul. Methani was the only case in the books so far of a soul being sundered not by choice and not because shamanic magic was preventing them from joining with their god, but because the gods actively rejected him. Methani was extremely angry about this.

Methani was an eunuch; he had chosen to be castrated to improve his position in the government. (Men who were castrated couldn't favor their own children, and so were believed to be more loyal to the emperor.)