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"He stared at Cazaril, and glanced aside to the Mother's midwife, with an odd hopeless envy in his eyes, devoid of hostility. 'When a pious ordinary man finds himself in a room with three working saints – if he has any wits left – he seeks instruction, he does not feign to instruct.'"
―Mendenal defers to saints[src]

Mendenal is the archdivine of Cardegoss at the time of The Curse of Chalion, having held the post for two years.

Mendenal was dedicated to the Bastard's Order at the age of fourteen with a dower provided by his father, a provincar. He served as a divine when he was younger; he once saw a case where a sundered spirit managed to take over the body of a person who'd died, possibly by death magic. He was chosen as archdivine because of his administrative skills and to please his powerful family.

Personality and traits[]

Mendenal readily defers to working saints in matters of theology, holding them in some envy but no hostility. Cazaril considers Mendenal's views on sainthood to be somewhat naive, imagining holy blessings where horrors actually are.