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Limnos was a five-mile-long island off the coast of Cedonia opposite the village of Guza.

Facts about Limnos[]

  • It was mountainous, with its highest point at its west end, approximately 1000 feet above the water.
  • A retreat of the Daughter with a sacred well was maintained there. The spring feeding the well appeared approximately 200 years before the time of Penric kin Jurald and its origin was believed to be a Miracle of the Daughter.
  • No men were allowed within the confines.
  • The retreat had a drawbridge which is raised at nightfall.
  • Buildings within the walls ran up to 8 floors high.
  • The main building that housed the spring had levels with rooms dug down into the rock (but still hundreds of feet above the water level).
  • There is a stairway of over 2000 steps (narrow, with no railings) to the top of the rock than penitents sometimes traverse on hands and knees.
  • The costs of maintaining the retreat were at least partly covered by the imperium of Thasalon; in return the government was allowed to put woman prisoners within.
  • They kept a visitors book of people going in and out.
  • There was a fishing village and a hamlet just outside the retreat but within its outer walls.

Residents of Limnos[]