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Lady Xarre was a rich, noble widow of Cedonia and the mother of Lady Tanar Xarre.

Lady Xarre's late husband ran a profitable shipping business from their estate outside Thasalon. They had one child, their daughter Tanar. Her husband died when Tanar was around four or five.

Lady Xarre was a shrewd business-woman; after her husband's death, she took over the business and doubled its size, and was quite wealthy by the time Penric first met her. Her network of agents often gave her news before even the imperial government knew of it.

A few years after her husband's death, a badly wounded Surakos Bosha ended up on her estate, fleeing the near-lethal consequences of his family choosing the wrong side in a civil war. Lady Xarre protected and saved Bosha, and in return, won his undying loyalty.

When Penric knew her, she was an smaller, elderly lady with gray hair, always dressed in finery and jewels. She suffered from arthritis and was increasingly crippled by it.