What Joen did to her enemies might be called war; what she did to her own people was sacrilege.
Princess Joen is the Regent Dowager of Jokona, the youngest daughter of the Golden General. She is the mother of Prince Sordso, the ruler of Jokona. She had many children, though also with many miscarriages and stillbirths. Seven daughters survived to marry, but of three sons only Sordo lived to maturity.

When Joen was three, an ancient demon jumped to her when its sorcerer host was discovered by the Golden General and burned. The Father gave the General a gift to allow him to encapsulate the demon so it could not control his daughter. The General died before he could find a saint of the Bastard who could excise the demon without harming Joen. On the breaking of the curse of Chalion three years prior to Paladin of Souls, the encapsulation failed and the demon was released, but Joen managed to gain control and used her sorcerer's powers to gain power in Jokona by placing demons in key people and binding those demons to her.

Joen is short, had dull gray-brown curling hair, a lined, sallow face, and pale blue eyes. She is perhaps 50 or 55 years old.

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Paladin of Souls