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Jedula Corva was the mother of Lencia and Seuka Corva. On her deathbed, she bargained with the Bastard for protection for her daughters, which led to the events of The Orphans of Raspay.


Jedula was a prostitute in Raspay, a small town in Jokona. She bore Lencia and Seuka to her long-time client Master Ubi Getaf, who loved her but already had a wife and family in Zagosur.

Despite her lowly station, and despite living in a Quadrene nation, she was a great soul beloved of the Bastard, perhaps even a saint of the Bastard. On her deathbed, she bargained with the Bastard with her soul, threatening to go to the Mother after death instead of the Bastard if He didn't promise to protect her children. It seems He agreed, and arranged for Penric to meet up with the sisters, save them, and bring them to chapterhouse of His order in Vilnoc.

She was a secret Quintarian, and taught her daughters the Quintarian faith as well.

She was unfailing kind, constantly willing to help others in her profession who had fallen on hard times. At great risk, she and Ubi smuggled many slaves and secret Quintarians out of Jokona.