Ingrey kin Wolfcliff is a shaman of the Weald; his spirit animal is a wolf. His father was Ingalef kin Wolfcliff. Ingalef's sister was Lady Horseriver, making Ingrey a cousin of Wencel kin Horseriver; they are also related through Ingrey's mother. Ingrey is a retainer in the household of Sealmaster Lord Hetwar, acting in various capacities include high courier where he "delivered rewards intact, and threats suitably nuanced." He seems to become a berserker in battles, fighting with extraordinary skill and ferocity, killing mercilessly, until he is brought back to awareness. He is reads and writes both Wealdean and Darthacan.

Ingrey is of middle height and has dark hair indicating some Darthacan ancestry. Wencel calls him "half a Darthacan".

Biographical notes Edit

At the age of fourteen, Ingrey's father Ingalef enlisted the sorcerer Cumril to give himself and Ingrey wolf spirit animals. Ingalef's wolf was rabid, and he died soon after the ritual. Ingrey's wolf was healthy but was a great hallowed animal, a much greater force to merge with Ingrey's soul. Ingrey survived but was in a state of delirium and confusion for some time.

He underwent many attempts to remove the wolf by various siritual and physical means. During this period Ingrey learned to control the wolf and was able to function again, and also received a dispensation from the Temple for his animal spirit, the possession of which would otherwise have been cause for execution by burning. His father's castle had been settled on an uncle, and Ingrey was sent on a pilgrimage seeking a cure. The pilgrimage became wandering, making a living by taking on odd tasks. He met Lord Hetwar in Darthaca where Hetwar was on an embassy, was taken into his household to be able to work his way back to the Weald, then give a permanent position.

After Hallana breaks the geas on Ingrey, his wolf is unbound and Ingrey begins to experience heightened senses from the wolf.

Ingrey is able to use the weirding voice to command others after the wolf is unbound. He seems to use this voice or a related power to call the animal spirits out of the souls of dead spirit warriors, though the effort requires that he shed some blood for each use of the weirding voice.

 Appearances Edit

The Hallowed Hunt