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Inglis kin Wolfcliff was a shaman of the Weald with a Great Wolf spirit. He was probably a direct descendant of Ingrey kin Wolfcliff, the re-founder of shamanism within the Weald.

As a young shaman he agreed to assist a friend, Tollin kin Boarford, in performing the forbidden act of becoming a spirit warrior by giving him a boar's spirit. The transfer succeeded, but the boar also succeeded in goring Tollin, resulting in his death.

Inglis gathered up Tollin's ghost and bound it to his knife, then ran off. He lost his ability to go into a shamanic trance and thus was unable to release Tollin to the gods and was afraid to return to the other shamans because he'd gotten his friend killed doing a forbidden act.

He fled to the Cantons in search of a suitable hedge shaman who might be able to help him and ended up being assisted by Penric kin Jurald, a local sorcerer. He was returned to the Weald by Senior Locator Oswyl and was placed on probation by the shamanate for his act.

Later, when Penric paid a visit to Easthome in the Weald, he and Penric assisted Oswyl in the solving of a local murder.