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"His father’s appearance had never greatly mattered to Ingrey; it was his solid presence that had warmed, and his rumbling voice, resonating in a chest to which a child-ear pressed, that had promised safety."
―Ingrey remembers Lord Ingalef[src]

Ingalef kin Wolfcliff was the father of Ingrey kin Wolfcliff. He was castle master of Birchgrove under Earl Kasgut kin Wolfcliff. His sister, Lady Horseriver, was mother to Wencel kin Horseriver, later Earl Horseriver.

Lady Horseriver, perhaps through one of the five gods, became convinced that Wencel had been possessed by an evil spirit of the Old Weald, and asked Ingalef for help. Their plan was to invest Ingalef and Ingrey with wolf spirit animals, using Old Weald magic against it. Ingalef suborned Cumril, a Temple sorcerer, to assist with the rite, which successfully invested them with wolf spirits. However, Ingalef's wolf was rabid and bit him during the process, and he died of rabies. Ingalef's spirit wolf prevented his soul from being taken up by the gods. Much later, Ingrey found his ghost and separated the spirit animal, but it was too late and his soul remained sundered.