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"Ikos tried a friendly smile. It just made him look like a bandit delighted with the prospect of cutting a throat."
―Penric and Ikos Rodoa escape together[src]

Ikos Rodoa was the first child of Idrene Gardiki; she'd gotten pregnant by a young soldier in the Rodoa family who died soon afterwards (before Ikoa was born). When she bore a son, the soldier's family decided to keep the son, but not Idrene.

He became a master bridge builder, traveling around Cedonia for his projects. Later, when she was taken prisoner as part of Cendonian machinations against her other son, Adelis Arisaydia, Ikos devised a rescue.

His attempt coincided with her daughter Nikys's; as a result he ended up rescuing Penric, who'd substituted himself for Idrene.

Appearance and Personality[]

Ikos was sturdy and muscular with broad shoulders and dark hair. His face, while not attractive, did have reasonably pleasant, rounded features. Penric considered him to be "sawed-off and tough-looking".

He was much more inclined to carefully worked out plans than seat-of-the-pants improvisation.

Likely due to his non-legitimate birth, his god was The Bastard.