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Idrene Gardiki ("Drema," to her children) was the mother of Nikys Arisaydia kin Jurald and stepmother of Adelis Arisaydia. She was the titual "Prisoner of Limnos" in the story of that name.


Idrene was the daughter of one of the old General Arisaydia's senior officers.

She became engaged to a young miltary officer, the only son of the Rodoa family. She decided to "try out" her fiancé before the marriage, and thus became pregnant with Ikos. Her intended was killed in battle before the marriage and before the baby was born. Her fiancé's family wanted the baby; as soon as Ikos was weaned, his grandmother adopted him. But they didn't really want Idrene and treated her as an unpaid servant, not an almost-daughter-in-law.

At this time, Idrene was contacted by old General Arisaydia and his wife, Lady Florina. The Arisaydias had been childless for years, and wanted Idrene, who was known to be fertile, to become General Arisaydia's concubine and mother to his children. Idrene only took the offer after talking to Lady Florina; the two women bonded, and became, in most ways, closer to each other than to their mutual husband.

The two became pregnant at the same time, and gave birth on the same day: Idrene to Nikys and Lady Florina to Adelis. Florina and Idrene raised the "twins" as their joint children, and the children regarded both woman as their mothers. General Arisaydia died when Nikys and Adelis were teenagers; Idrene and Lady Florina jointly raised the two the rest of the way to adulthood.

Ikos' grandmother cut off all contact with Idrene after the adoption and after she became General Arisaydia's concubine. Idrene didn't see her first-born again until he was an adult.

Years later, after Adelis fled to Orbas, Minister Methani decided to take her prisoner in hopes of using her as a lever against Adelis, or perhaps as bait to lure him back. Idrene was arrested at her home and taken to the Daughter's retreat on Limnos. After about three weeks, she was rescued by Nikys, Penric, and Bosha. She fled to Orbas where she lived with her daughter, son-in-law, and, eventually, grandchildren Florina and Wyn kin Jurald.


Idrene was practical and level-headed in emergencies. She was warm and loving towards her children and grandchildren; Nikys was very fond of her.