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Ibra was a country on the Ibran Peninsula that lies to the west of Chalion. The southern part of the country, South Ibra, was sometimes in rebellion against the main body of the country. The major port city of Zagosur lay on Ibra's coast, and was where the Fox of Ibra's court was located when Cazaril went to arrange Iselle and Bergon's marriage.

Ibra was joined to Chalion, with both countries taking the name Chalion-Ibra, as the closing events of The Curse of Chalion.


Map of Ibra and South Ibra.

People of Ibra[]

Behind the scenes[]

Ibra is intentionally similar in location to real world Aragon, which merged with Castile to form Spain upon the marriage of Isabella and Ferdinand. The sometimes rebel province of South Ibra corresponds to Catalonia.