Chalion Wiki

The House of Chalion had ruled Chalion for at least three generations, and possibly as far back as the Old Kingdom, when the Ibran Peninsula was almost completely overrun by invading Roknari. Subsequent generations of 'warrior-thieves' gradually won back most of the lost lands, and the kingdoms of Chalion, Ibra and Brajar gradually re-coalesced.

Members of the House of Chalion included:

  • Roya Fonsa the (Fairly) Wise, who slew the Golden General via death magic at the cost of his own life, thus sparking the curse of Chalion
  • his only surviving son, Roya Ias, who tried unsuccessfully to break the curse
  • Roya Orico, from Ias's first marriage
  • Royesse Iselle, from Ias's second marriage to Ista
  • Royse Teidez, from Ias's second marriage to Ista - heir presumptive to Orico

Ista, Sara and Bergon married into the House of Chalion, and thus into the curse.