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Greenwell Town was a small town in the Cantons, near the tall northern mountains.


It was located approximately five miles out from the kin Jurald home, and about a hundred miles east from Martensbridge.


The town was too small to get lost in, and was about a tenth the size of Martensbridge.

Facts about Greenwell[]

  • It had a Mother's hospice and a full Temple divine.
  • At one time in the past, a man who left to take up mercenarying was reported dead, only to turn up years later and discover that his wife had remarried.
  • Mountain raftsmen sometimes climbed onto logs in rivers to cut them loose during the spring.
  • Its Lady School was a couple of rooms with a single bookcase in a home where teachers lodge.
  • Its bathhouse was small, in back of the home of the woman who owned it.
  • Its temple was a wooden hall with abundant woodcarvings.
  • Hanging was a standard method of execution for robbery and murder.

People from Greenwell[]